5 reasons your “10 ways to” will not blow my mind and funnels are for beer bongs

Cleaning house because I’m tired of being tweeted at.

I recently noticed that my twitter feed contains very few real people.  Well, they are real people; they are just mechanically posting.  I don’t want to read your “10 ways…”  and I don’t care about the “What she did next will blow you away” tweets.  

Content marketing as it is today is not the answer.  Posting information is great.  It is much appreciated.  That is… if I even looked at it, if I need it.

What is missing in today’s social media marketing?  

Danger Will Robinson

Danger Will Robinson

Here is what I want from marketing:  Engagement Marketing.  Engagement Marketing is where the company wants to engage with its customers.

The other week, I experienced a great example of engagement marketing.  I light-heartedly complained to our local weather girl through a re-tweet about the weather.  She had tweeted, “No snow. Yay!”.  Well wouldn’t you know it… it snowed.  I was extremely excited when she retweeted my response to her about the snow.  She engaged with me.  It showed me that she is a real person, and that she actually cares about her audience and customers (at least THIS customer, and that’s all that matters).

Are you actively listening or just waiting to speak?

Let me give you an example of why the weather girl is doing it right.  She always has good tweets… never fluff.   “Radar looks pretty clear today. Get out and enjoy the day.”  This is relevant to me because I am looking for that type of information.  You never see posts like “5 sure-fire ways to determine if it is raining”.  I couldn’t care less about that type of “info”. And when you see posts like that, it seems as if the poster couldn’t care less either. It is posted by some mechanical contraption that does it on a schedule.  They wrote it 3 days ago and probably forgot that it’s even being posted now.  The “set it and forget it” mentality has to end.  Yet, that is all I see up and down my news feed every single day. Those who post only lists and articles don’t listen… they just talk.  I am tired of being talked at.

Back to the weather girl– I have seen tweets from numerous weather folk saying something like “We are getting reports of nickel size hail on the north side.  East side are you seeing any of that? #tornadosuck #funnelsareforbeerbongs”.  Ok, I added the hashtags. But, you see the difference. They are wanting to hear from their customers.

Maybe this works because it’s local.

Perhaps this works best locally.  For example, maybe a local taco bell could ask followers “Hey 123 street way Taco Bell lovers, how do you like the new breakfast tacos? #Imusthave”  I would engage with that company.  They are wanting to engage with me.

The Social Media environment changes as quickly as SchizofrIndiana weather.  Businesses must learn that customers are smarter now than ever before.  The audience sees through all the social media shortcuts.  They know when 99% of posts are all about these shortcuts.  They “see” that business doesn’t really care about them, only the bottom line.  Get your act together!  Start engaging people as people and just maybe those people will become your customers.

Be a robot, and we will all skim over it and pass you by.

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