Loosen the Screw

reign_of_fireLook at the image to the right. One of my all time favorite movies.  Can you guess what movie it is?  Who’s the actor?  what is he doing?

It reminds me of my life previously.  My life as a competitive swimmer. I believe that all successful athletes or people for that matter have a screw loose.  They are all a little crazy.  Some part of them does not operate the same way as everyone else.   They don’t work the same as the “masses”.  This is the thing that makes them excel.  I was a little crazy. Most people I associated with were crazy  I lost that somewhere along the way.  This is a part of my journey back to the guy I used to be and who I should be.

So what movie is it?  “Reign of Fire”.  Does this character have a screw loose?  I think the answer is definitely a yes.

What happened to loosen the screw for many successful people?  That is what you need to look for in yourself.  Having a loose screw is the one thing that pushes a person into a state of dedication, commitment, understanding, that they never had before and would never have gotten to without that one thing.  A loosened screw differentiates you from all the rest and all the “Average.”

Think about recovering alcoholics or drug users.  More often than not these individuals hit “rock bottom”.  They hit the bottom.  They got to a point where they realized something had to change.  Something had to be different.  The screw just loosened.  Now they are so dedicated to getting their life straightened out that NOTHING will stop them.  Absolutely nothing.

To a certain extent, loosening the screw is the elimination of excuses.  There is no further excuse for failure.  There is no longer any excuse for failure.  The discomfort of eliminating excuses is no where near the discomfort of failure.  Fear is gone and intensity remains.

The actor is Matthew McConaughey.  He is taking the leap.  He is wielding an ax.  He has jumped from the top a 6 or 8 story building.  He is ready to take the ax to the head of a Dragon.  Sadly he just gets eaten.

But the leap is what is important.  It is this level of commitment that drives people to success.  Elimination of all excuses.  Wield the ax.  Take on any obstacle without thought of fear of failure.  Because, standing still and doing nothing or doing the same thing is NOT AN OPTION.  Doing the same is not where you want to be.  There are 2  choices, do the same thing you have always done and get the same results or do something different.  But when you do something different it is important that your heart and soul are in 100%.  There is no degree of wavering.  There can be no “maybe” or “sort-of”  it has to be full commitment.  Like the ax wielding Matthew Mcconaughey.  It has to be “All In!”

Find the thing that loosens the screw for you.  Get to rock bottom.  Get to where you will no longer stand for the same. Loosen the screw.  Eliminate the excuses.  Commit fully.

This is the way to major change, the only way.

What was the thing that loosened your screw?  What was it that made you a little crazy?  Leave your story in the comments and pass this on to whomever needs it.

January 13th, 2014 by