There is so much rolling around my head. So many opportunities that I believe I could somehow capitalize on. Some opportunities worth more than others. But everything worth something.

And of course there is the intrinsic value of each. They give me a certain level of satisfaction that is incredibly important.

Next there is the amount of time it will take to see each opportunity to fruition. Some will take more time and work. 

So we have monetary, intrinsic, and time. How do you make the decision? Which one deserves my attention? How to prioritize each opportunity?

This has been an incredible struggle for me. Paralyzing. Triggering depression and anxiety. How crazy is that? Opportunity is causing depression! Depression is a sickness. There is no question.

What is an entrepreneur to do? How to take one opportunity and put it in the forefront and force all others on the back burner?

I don’t have an answer for you. I am writing this to try and move forward. Trying to escape this paralysis. Develop a trigger of my own to get myself back on track.

Success for some people comes because they are good. Others are successful because they are crazy. I believe my success as an athlete was because I was nuts… Clearly not because I was good. The problem now is being crazy in a business world doesn’t actually work (necessarily).

Maybe the focus needs to be on being good, not crazy. Focus on the solid, sure thing. Wait for the opportunity for your crazy to benefit you.

How do you choose which opportunity to focus on?

How do you move forward and avoid paralysis?

Leave a comment and help me out.

February 14th, 2017 by