Eat a cheeseburger… Ya big Loser!

I love this show and I love Rachel. But girl, you lost too much. I was analyzing the results of each player as the finale progressed. I was remembering percentages from years past. You have got to lose approximately 50% of your body weight to win. That also means that if you are a man of decent stature you will have to start at close to 400 lbs to really have a chance. For women, you need to start at least 260lbs. Even still, getting to 130lbs is SKINNY. Tumi, looked awesome but she was a little on the verge of too skinny.

Seriously, I loved Rachel on this show… but, 105 lbs for anyone is too skinny. Even if she was 5′ tall. Too skinny. I can only hope that now that the show is over and she won the $250,000 that she will go back to a normal diet and weight.

These are truly faces of concern.


February 5th, 2014 by