Conquering Thyself

What have I done... or not done?This will be the first part of my series the Mediocre Mastermind.

First off what are your flaws?  What do you suck at? Figure it out, there are many.  you must identify the symptoms of your lack of success.  Brainstorm.  Ask questions like “why did I lose my job?”  or “What where they so pissed about?” Think about all the things you apologize for.  What situations get you or the people around you stressed out?

It’s kinda like “Know Thyself”  huh?!

For me… “Why did I lose that job?”  Well, I didn’t take care of the details like my boss wanted me to.  “What was my wife so angry about?”  I forgot to take out the trash, mail that letter, pay that bill, clean the bathroom, and I am working all the time.  I am always saying “No, Sorry I didn’t have time.  I will get to it tomorrow.”  You have to be a procrastinator if you wish to be a mediocre mastermind.

I have always stressed people out when I make mistakes.  A couple of times I have not reviewed reports prior to submitting them only to find out too late and causing serious headaches for me and my staff later.

You may be a mastermind but you are definitely mediocre.  Don’t worry though, there is hope.  Follow the steps in this series to help overcome the peril of being mediocre and become a mastermind.

January 22nd, 2014 by