Conquer the Clutter

wiresThe clutter controls you.

You know it does.

I am not talking about all the crap around your house or apartment (though I know that controls you too). I am talking about all the crap rolling between your ears.

You don’t have to have a clean desk, clean office, or clean car to be a mastermind. But you do have to have a clear mind.

It means you must eliminate or limit all excess. Try to simplify. Try and be concise and consistent so you can have a smooth thought pattern.

Identify those things in your mind that are cluttering up your thoughts and preventing you from being enlightened.

Every once in a while I have to do a complete and total brain dump. I mean I have to just spew everything out. It needs to get out of my head because it is too crowded and no longer productive. I will take a couple days to do this. I will sit with a journal and just free write. I will bullet point were I can. I will make notes to reference parts that connect, pieces that go together. I get it all “out on the table” so to speak.

This does two things for me. One, I get an actual visual representation of the shit that was in my head. And two, it frees up my mind to explore new connections and new big ideas.

When you find yourself in a rut or bound up (I don’t mean intestinally) get everything out in the open. Do a brain dump and restart.

You will find yourself recharged, rejuvenated, and inspired to press on to bigger and better things.

February 18th, 2014 by