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boots (1)Develop confidence.

Confidence comes from within.

Self-esteem is different from confidence.

Self-esteem often times comes from other people building you up.  Being there for you.  Supporting you.

But, that doesn’t give you confidence.  It will leave you empty.  Like something is missing.  You may sometimes try and fill it with relationships, or addictions, which may only lead to depression.

And what if the relationship isn’t strong?  As relationships go bad, self-esteem gets worse.  Loneliness sets in and confidence is gone.

There are some things you must do.  Be active.  Have accomplishments.  For me it was doing laundry and arranging my calendar.

I know, right?  Simple stupid stuff.  Well, when I did these things I got an enormous boost of confidence.  Something I hadn’t felt in a long time.  I had achieved something.  I did it.  It wasn’t done for me.  It was me, only me, for only me.  What a great feeling.

Build confidnece in small steps.  Do not bite off more than you can chew.  Too much may lead to failure.  You might become overwhelmed and lead you right back into a rut.

First identify what you should do that you currently don’t.  Maybe someone takes care of it for you.  Start small and build up.  Your level may be different from mine.  I needed to learn to handle money, do laundry, go shopping, go to sleep at a reasonable hour.  You may have already achieved those things.  These things may not provide you with adequate confidence building.

Pick something slightly above where you currently are an do it.  The key is moving forward at a reasonable rates.  Keep moving forward.  You will feel your life move forward and your confidence will improve.

Self-esteem is nice.  But it develops dependency.  Confidence comes from within.

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