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October 25th, 2017 by Jason Lancaster


I haven’t written in a long time.  I used to think… still think… that I need to write often to get my mind straight.

So here I am.

Worse than I have been in a long time.

The mediocre mastermind isn’t helping me right now.  I have too many irons in the fire.  I have been bit by the entrepreneurial bug.  Some may say that is a good thing… Not in my case.  I wish I could go back and be the way I was.  Ignorance is bliss.

I know that there could be a better life out there for me and my family.  I know that I have the knowledge and skill to do something great.  And I am on the verge… So close… but damn… I can’t get anything going… And I struggle everyday to do the day job.

I know. I know.  Everyone struggles with their day job.  But yeah… my motivation is at an all time low and I am spread sooo thin between so many projects.

What is wrong with me?  Why can’t I focus?  Why?

Of all the things I suggest to improve yourself… I can’t figure out how to help myself.  I just can’t.

I think… you need to stop everything.  I mean… EVERYTHING… just focus on your day job.  But… I can’t.  I feel like any of them would help us financially.  And that would be QUITTING.  I’m not a quitter… Maybe I should be.

It’s beginning to take its toll.  Physically.  Emotionally.  It’s taking its toll on my day job.

I think maybe just get a new day job.  Something to get me focused.  Something that will give me experience in something I am interested in.

I am very lonely.  That is why I have turned to this blog.  I have no where to vent. I am so scattered.  To the point of paralysis.

I need to kick myself in the ASS.  Get off my ass.  Quit crying about it…

Ok. that’s all well and good but… get off my ass and DO WHAT?

Any advice out there?

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February 14th, 2017 by Jason Lancaster

There is so much rolling around my head. So many opportunities that I believe I could somehow capitalize on. Some opportunities worth more than others. But everything worth something.

And of course there is the intrinsic value of each. They give me a certain level of satisfaction that is incredibly important.

Next there is the amount of time it will take to see each opportunity to fruition. Some will take more time and work. 

So we have monetary, intrinsic, and time. How do you make the decision? Which one deserves my attention? How to prioritize each opportunity?

This has been an incredible struggle for me. Paralyzing. Triggering depression and anxiety. How crazy is that? Opportunity is causing depression! Depression is a sickness. There is no question.

What is an entrepreneur to do? How to take one opportunity and put it in the forefront and force all others on the back burner?

I don’t have an answer for you. I am writing this to try and move forward. Trying to escape this paralysis. Develop a trigger of my own to get myself back on track.

Success for some people comes because they are good. Others are successful because they are crazy. I believe my success as an athlete was because I was nuts… Clearly not because I was good. The problem now is being crazy in a business world doesn’t actually work (necessarily).

Maybe the focus needs to be on being good, not crazy. Focus on the solid, sure thing. Wait for the opportunity for your crazy to benefit you.

How do you choose which opportunity to focus on?

How do you move forward and avoid paralysis?

Leave a comment and help me out.

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July 15th, 2015 by Jason Lancaster

One of the most important lessons that people, and I mean all people, need to learn is that of opportunity cost.

Opportunity cost is essential the measure of “loss” incurred by making one decision over another.

A simple example is…

It is not worth it to me to work fast food for minimum wage.  Why?  Because I have a law degree and can easily make $150 an hour (I do not have a law degree but you get the point).

Assuming that minimum wage is $8/hr… working fast food would be costing me $142/hr.  I am missing the opportunity to make an additional $142 an hour.  This is opportunity cost.

The power of this really comes in to play when you incorporate other people.

Let’s say 2 people are looking for work.

Ask yourself these questions, With the skills that I have, could I be making more money at another job?  If the answer is yes, then what are you doing?  If there are no jobs available even though you are skilled enough, then the answer is no, you can’t make more money at another job.  How does this relate?  Well, if you can’t get a job because jobs are scarce within the skill sets you have, then you have to take a lesser job.

This is why I hate unions.  If a company can pay employees less for the same job, why shouldn’t they?  Why should a union worker get paid more for a job than someone else who will do it for less?  Where do you think that increased pay to a union worker comes from?  It comes from the consumer… higher prices for products. Unions cost ME MONEY.

Get more skills or take less pay. don’t demand more pay for the same crap that a company can give to the next Joe for less.  Where do these fast food employees get off?

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July 3rd, 2014 by Jason Lancaster

Always Greener?I spent a lot of years acting out of desperation. Always looking for the next best thing.  The thing that would finally put me and my family in a situation of relative comfort.  Chasing these dreams really did nothing for me.  Remember, the grass is generally not greener on the other side.  I made bad decision after bad decision after bad decision.  I always thought I needed to change. Do something different… a different job at a different place, or a different career, or this scheme over here or that scheme over there.  Until I didn’t any more.

Keep your job.  Stay where you are.  Keep your current career.  Quit chasing the latest scheme.  Do what you do… only better.  I started to do this last year.  I stuck to what I was doing.  I had a steady pay, though it wasn’t great, it was enough.  I decided to dive in and kill what I WAS doing.  I actually did this in the two(2) jobs I was working.

Do whatever it takes to make the grass on your side greener.  – Jason Lancaster

That’s what I was doing.  Caring for my own grass with meticulous detail.  Feeding, pruning, cutting, watering my grass.  As I did, people were grass green with envy.  Here is how I did it.

Be professional. – I have always dressed professionally.  I have always tried to treat people with respect.  I have always been punctual.  My attitude towards these things changed.  I began to be professional to achieve success, not to avoid reprimand.  This changed how I felt about my self and my self confidence.  It changed from “going to work” to  “going to achieve success.”

Be Passionate. – Care about what you are doing.  Don’t just go through the motions.  Put your heart and soul into it.

Passion rebuilds the world for the youth. It makes all things alive and significant. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Be knowledgeable. – Know your stuff.  Become an expert at what you do.  Know everything there is to know.  Know more than everyone else.

Be quality.  – My work has been decent in the passed but nothing to write a blog about… until now.  I upped the quality of the work I was producing.  I went out of my way to make everything I do better than it has been.  I focused more, investigated more, and studied more.  What I created/submitted was focused on quality not on completion.  Don’t just get it done, get it done well.

Be noticeable.  – Be involved with big wigs.  Help them with anything and everything.  Offer up solutions to their common problems.  Be the one they go to because you know the answer.  Bounce ideas off them, often.  Be in the forefront.  Be an integral part of your business unit.  Never be missed. Never be invisible.

Be impactful. – Make your company more money.  Not just by your own efforts but offer up ideas that could make the company as a whole more money be it a new product/service or new/improved sales strategy.   Save your company money.  Again, not just you, but ideas that could save your company a lot of money either through cost savings or reduced labor costs, etc.  Increase productivity for your company.  Introduce areas in which your company could become more efficient thus more productive.

A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives. – Jackie Robinson

That effort was a consistent effort towards being a better person, not about getting paid.  Only worry about what you are doing, not what you are getting.  The work I churned out was terrific.  Now all of a sudden I was worth more than what I was making and people knew. and eventually they had to do something about it.  This took time.  It took discipline to avoid the pitfalls of desperation.  It also opened up a new job opportunity that I never dreamed possible. It gives new meaning to quality time.  Provide quality over time and you will be rewarded.


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March 19th, 2014 by Jason Lancaster

It has been a while since I last posted.  With good reason.  I have had a ton going on.  Still going on in fact.  It has been crazy and I love it.

morethanpaidIt all started with the attitude that I had about corporate America.  I have this feeling that in corporate America, though can be a great place to work, the pay increases come at staggeringly slow rate.

I entered into corporate America very much under employed.  I was transferring skills, terrific skills they may be, from professional coaching to corporate desk job.  Most companies weren’t drinking the cool-aid.  So I took what I could get.

I had to.

As time passed I began to subtly present my ideas and the impact I could make.  Once I was noticed I let it roll.  And here is the most important part of the whole thing… I worked really hard, I did things way above my pay grade, I didn’t complain about money, I. Just. Worked.

When you do more than you’re paid for, eventually you’ll be paid for more than you do. – Zig Ziggler

I realized I was doing this for a while already and it was beginning to pay off.  Not that I had to do less… that’s not the point.

If you don’t ever show competent work above your pay grade to those who matter then you are doomed to stay right where you are forever and eternity.

Employer is not going to say, “Hey, Mr. worker… I am going to give you double your salary.  How’s that sound?  And then… yeah… then we are going to hope that you have the skills to do the job well.  Is that a good idea to you?”

Have you ever heard that before?  Never.  It doesn’t happen.  But think of the logic behind this.  I am worker #1 and I am paid a nice $10 hour pay to talk on the phone.

What would happen if you went out of your way to:

  • Develop new products
  • Created highly useful reports for supervisors to use
  • Improved the method for training and helped everyone on your floor
  • Created a website that improves customer experience, reduces costs, and improves productivity
  • etc.

I am pretty sure that you are working very effectively at a pay grade much higher than your $10 an hour.  Now your boss is thinking…. “Ya know… I really need to pay that worker #1 guy more.  He does so much.  Hey… there is that position that is coming up at the end of the month.  I think it’s his.”

If you worked the business far above your pay grade then these conversations will happen.  If they don’t get a different job.  Don’t worry, you will have plenty to show for your efforts.

Don’t strive for a raise… Raises come too slowly.  Strive for job change… one that pays better.


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February 5th, 2014 by Jason Lancaster

I love this show and I love Rachel. But girl, you lost too much. I was analyzing the results of each player as the finale progressed. I was remembering percentages from years past. You have got to lose approximately 50% of your body weight to win. That also means that if you are a man of decent stature you will have to start at close to 400 lbs to really have a chance. For women, you need to start at least 260lbs. Even still, getting to 130lbs is SKINNY. Tumi, looked awesome but she was a little on the verge of too skinny.

Seriously, I loved Rachel on this show… but, 105 lbs for anyone is too skinny. Even if she was 5′ tall. Too skinny. I can only hope that now that the show is over and she won the $250,000 that she will go back to a normal diet and weight.

These are truly faces of concern.


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January 21st, 2014 by Jason Lancaster

My name is Jason Lancaster.  There are a number of Jason Lancasters on the internet… one is a ex-semi-pro wrestler turned musician… one is a pretty effective sports media guy or something… and then there is me.

I have a pretty distinguished past, but my present is rather dull… but changing… for the better.

Because of my past, which I will get into shortly, it is very, very difficult to make goals that have any meaning or I can become passionate about.  Many men my age turn a corner and say “I want to be ripped.”  And they set a goal to get there.  Or maybe they get bit by the triathlon bug and live that lifestyle.  All of that is difficult for me.

poolI was an elite competitive swimmer.  I was (and am still) a state record holder many times over.  I was a high school national record holder for more than ten years.  I was the winningest male swimmer in Indiana High School Athletic Association’s history.  I was the number 1 recruit in 1994.  I was Big Ten freshman of the competition at the Big Ten Championships in 1995.  I was a 13 time all-american.  I was a member of an American Record setting relay team at the University of Michigan.  I was an NCAA national champion (on that relay).  I was 3rd in the world in August of 1995 in the 100 meter Butterfly.  And I just missed making the US Olympic team in March of 1996 (I suffered a career ending injury in December of 1995).

I am not trying to brag, God knows I did much of that when I was young.  I am trying to give you a little insight to my perspective.

Many people would say that my past should help me, I should know how to exercise and be fit (well, that I surely do).  But, it is motivation that troubles me, as I am sure, is the problem with many of you.

I have accomplished many things.  I was capable of things that only a handful of people could achieve.  I did things that no one had ever done before.  And now, I am trying to lose weight.  How do I set MY goals?  Example, Goal:  Run a 10k;  Problem:  I used to SWIM 10k TWICE a day.  Example #2: Get Ripped!  I think this goal is often achieved by men my age because they had never really been before.  But I was.  I was Ripped like no other; 4% body fat and eating 3500 calories at a sitting.

Goal setting when I was young was easy.  I always used this formula :  “Wouldn’t it be cool if I …______?”  Fill in the blank.  The problem with goal setting now is I don’t get the same type of excitement about doing something AGAIN.  “Wouldn’t it be cool if I was Ripped…Again”.

I know, this is all petty and I SHOULD be excited about getting fit.  But, I have always driven to do things that no one has done before, or at least something I have never done before.  And here in lies the problem.  I have, basically, done it all.

I want everyone to know that I am exaggerating how I feel about it, just so it is understood.  I do want to be fit.  I do want to be healthy.  But I do have a problem unique to me (or at least a small few).

I am here now to change.  I am here to learn.  I AM here to achieve.  I will always strive to be my best. I will always try and eliminate excuses.  I will excel.

I also want people to know that most of you have a far more inspirational story than I.  I look up to what you do and achieve under the stresses and strains of life.  You are my inspiration.  I will strive to be like you.

Please tell me your story in the comments.  Your story is more inspirational then any experience I may have had.  You motivate me.

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January 13th, 2014 by Jason Lancaster

reign_of_fireLook at the image to the right. One of my all time favorite movies.  Can you guess what movie it is?  Who’s the actor?  what is he doing?

It reminds me of my life previously.  My life as a competitive swimmer. I believe that all successful athletes or people for that matter have a screw loose.  They are all a little crazy.  Some part of them does not operate the same way as everyone else.   They don’t work the same as the “masses”.  This is the thing that makes them excel.  I was a little crazy. Most people I associated with were crazy  I lost that somewhere along the way.  This is a part of my journey back to the guy I used to be and who I should be.

So what movie is it?  “Reign of Fire”.  Does this character have a screw loose?  I think the answer is definitely a yes.

What happened to loosen the screw for many successful people?  That is what you need to look for in yourself.  Having a loose screw is the one thing that pushes a person into a state of dedication, commitment, understanding, that they never had before and would never have gotten to without that one thing.  A loosened screw differentiates you from all the rest and all the “Average.”

Think about recovering alcoholics or drug users.  More often than not these individuals hit “rock bottom”.  They hit the bottom.  They got to a point where they realized something had to change.  Something had to be different.  The screw just loosened.  Now they are so dedicated to getting their life straightened out that NOTHING will stop them.  Absolutely nothing.

To a certain extent, loosening the screw is the elimination of excuses.  There is no further excuse for failure.  There is no longer any excuse for failure.  The discomfort of eliminating excuses is no where near the discomfort of failure.  Fear is gone and intensity remains.

The actor is Matthew McConaughey.  He is taking the leap.  He is wielding an ax.  He has jumped from the top a 6 or 8 story building.  He is ready to take the ax to the head of a Dragon.  Sadly he just gets eaten.

But the leap is what is important.  It is this level of commitment that drives people to success.  Elimination of all excuses.  Wield the ax.  Take on any obstacle without thought of fear of failure.  Because, standing still and doing nothing or doing the same thing is NOT AN OPTION.  Doing the same is not where you want to be.  There are 2  choices, do the same thing you have always done and get the same results or do something different.  But when you do something different it is important that your heart and soul are in 100%.  There is no degree of wavering.  There can be no “maybe” or “sort-of”  it has to be full commitment.  Like the ax wielding Matthew Mcconaughey.  It has to be “All In!”

Find the thing that loosens the screw for you.  Get to rock bottom.  Get to where you will no longer stand for the same. Loosen the screw.  Eliminate the excuses.  Commit fully.

This is the way to major change, the only way.

What was the thing that loosened your screw?  What was it that made you a little crazy?  Leave your story in the comments and pass this on to whomever needs it.

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December 17th, 2013 by Jason Lancaster

I have been working on a big project lately.  I have moved foxtangocharlie to a new hosting company and thus many images and links may be broken.  I will get to it as soon as I get a chance.  Keep your eyes peeled for updates.  In the meantime, here is a zombie.zombieland-clown


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November 30th, 2013 by Jason Lancaster

happy-crapI was a professional swim coach for many years.  I sent athletes to Nationals, Olympic Trials, etc.  I had some exceptional swimmers. But I was plagued, as were many of my colleagues, with this curse of mediocrity.  I think it might be generational but I am not sure. If I look back at my own life, I think it’s probably universal.  Mediocrity.

This was the topic of many post competition coaching rants.

Why is it that often times we are satisfied with our highly average performance?  We know we didn’t put the work in that we should have.  We know that our performance, though adequate, was far below that of the goals that we have set for our selves.  Why is it that often times we are happy being crappy?

I believe this to be a paradigm that can be difficult to escape.  There are two problem points

  1. The illusion of success. Your performance is on par with everyone else.  “Yay! You did as good as you always do and as good as everyone else!”  That sounds positive doesn’t it?  It is an illusion. It gives a person the false sensation of achievement.  Achievement should only be measured by ones’ goals.  As a coach I would say “I don’t care how you did against average and neither does your goal.”  Success is a measure of the you now verses the you that you want to be.
  2. Not knowing your outer limits.  You don’t have any understanding of performing outside of the norm.  What does it feel like?  What did Chuck Yeager feel like in 1947 when he went faster than the speed of sound?  What does that feel like?  I can assure you, it feels above average.  Too often people are afraid of venturing out to the outer limits of their own capabilities.  What’s out there?  You won’t know until you try.  It will always be scary unless you go there a lot.  Make the unfamiliar familiar.  Make the abnormal normal. Do this by stretching your limits.

Too often people are paralyzed or stagnant in whatever they are doing because they don’t know how to escape this paradigm or mediocrity.  You want to be great, right?!  Then learn to break through.  Learn to over come these two points.  Stop the illusion of success and start reaching for real success.  Start expanding your limits, push your self farther, prepare more.  Make unfamiliar familiar. Do it and do it now or continue with the attitude of Happy bein’ Crappy.

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