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January 22nd, 2014 by Jason Lancaster
My Co-Captain

My Co-Captain

They are just like you.

This is generally the individual on your team that is the easiest to identify.  Most of the time the two of you are best friends.  This person is sort of your partner in crime.  A peer of equal stature.  This individual is a mediocre mastermind like you.  They will keep your ideas big.  Like a fish story.  Back and forth, ideas get bigger and bigger and bigger.  And because they are programmed like you, you will work in harmony together.  You may aspire to have good ideas like them, and your ego will get a boost when they are impressed by yours.  They will have resources that most wouldn’t think to use.  Avenues, approaches that are unconventional and best of all simple ideas that overlap with yours.  Synergy at it’s best.  My Co-Captain is Shawn.  Shawn is the one with the hat, I am the one wearing the blue shirt.  A walking selfy by my co-captain Shawn.

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